A few words in English

What is SOS Devoirs?

We are a French language homework help program to support student in French language schools from grades 1 to 12 with their homework. This service is currently available to francophone students from Ontario.

How is SOS Devoirs financed?

Our services are made possible thanks to the support of CFORP, selected French Language School Boards and financial support from the Canada-Ontario Infrastructure Program Agreement.

Who works at SOS Devoirs?

We are staffed with qualified and certified Ontario teachers who are specialists in their fields.

SOS Devoirs is not available to students in Immersion and Core-French Programs, Private or non-francophone school boards. Those students are encouraged to use the ILC program called HOMEWORK HELP.

Note: The staff at SOS Devoirs can answer questions in English for parents who do not speak French but whose child is attending a French language school.